Big Moves – From Italy to Germany

For our fourth story in our Big Moves series, where we interview tech experts who have recently made an international move for their work. We talk about their motivations, the benefits and challenges of moving abroad, and share their insights and tips.

European Recruitment operates globally focusing on niche tech industries, allowing us to hire globally and help people relocate if necessary to work for leading tech companies. In this episode, we speak with Alberto Sartori, one of Jet's candidates who moved from Italy to Germany for a Principal Research Engineer opportunity at a leading telecommunications equipment company.

How did the opportunity for you to move abroad for your career begin?

Alberto talks to us about how there wasn't the initial desire to move abroad due to him and his family having a place in Italy to call home, however, when the vacancy presented itself, he realised that this opportunity would be worth it.

"with two kids and a wife, we don't wish to relocate every day!"

What were the main factors that motivated you to accept the role and relocate?

"When Jet contacted me, I was not planning to move. The technical interviews went well, the project was stimulating, and I realized that my skills could have been more appreciated with this opportunity than where I was. And there we go :)"

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What have been the biggest challenges in relocating?

"The most significant change for me has been the language. I still need to speak German. Many people speak English, but the bureaucracy (health insurance, banking, etc.) is mainly German."

How did your consultant and company help you with the move?

In Alberto's case, the company was able to assist him and his family in the move the entire way.

What advice would you give someone looking to make a move abroad?

"My advice is: before saying no, think carefully. Often, we get stuck in a "comfort zone," but "comfort" does not necessarily imply "best." "


If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to make a move overseas for your career, send us an email to Malinda Zerefos at 

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