Big Moves – From Pakistan to the UK

"I got lucky enough to get a consultant like Jamie. He helped me in every step" 


On this feature of Big Moves, where we interview tech experts who have recently made an international move for their work. We talk about their motivations, the benefits and challenges of moving abroad, and share their insights and tips. 

European Recruitment operates globally focusing on niche tech industries, allowing us to hire globally and help people relocate if necessary to work for leading tech companies. In this episode, we speak with Muhammad Hassam Arshad, one of Jamie’s candidates who moved from Pakistan to the UK for a Firmware Customer Support Engineer opportunity at a leading semiconductor manufacturer. 

How did the opportunity for you to move abroad for your career begin?  

I always wanted to explore the international market for research and development to get the experience of working in a different environment, which I believe can help diversify my personality. And last year, I began applying abroad, and as a result, I was offered the position at the end of the year. 

What were the main factors that motivated you to accept the role and relocate? 

One of the major factors is that my career goals are aligned with the job description, and another is that the company's product lineup perfectly matches my skill set. 



What have been the biggest challenges in relocating? 

The biggest challenge was the visa process, which took a bit longer than expected but fortunately arrived. Another challenge was getting myself to fit into a totally new culture and environment, especially getting used to the harsh weather. 

What advice would you give someone looking to make a move abroad? 

I would advise that one should first decide his or her career path and narrow down the skillset they are interested in. Once you do that and have a basic or more understanding of these skills start applying to the roles which suit better to you and match your portfolio.  

How did your consultant and company help you with the move? 

I got lucky enough to get a consultant like Jamie. He helped me in every step from scheduling interviews to getting the visa process he used to provide me with detailed versions of every situation. I would like to thank Jamie and his company for all the efforts they made. 


If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to make a move overseas for your career, send us an email to Malinda Zerefos at 

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