Big Moves – From Taiwan to Canada

“Because my family will come with me, the children’s education is an important factor to me.” 


Big Moves, where we interview tech experts who have recently made an international move for their work. We talk about their motivations, the benefits and challenges of moving abroad, and share their insights and tips.

European Recruitment operates globally focusing on niche tech industries, allowing us to hire globally and help people relocate if necessary to work for leading tech companies. In this episode, we speak with Kevin Cheng, one of Joe Hughes‘ candidates who moved from Taiwan to Canada for a Senior Optical Design Engineer opportunity at a leading technology innovation firm.

How did the opportunity for you to move abroad for your career begin? (ie: what came first – the desire to move or the opportunity to do so?)

I have wanted to work abroad since my very first time visiting Apple at Cupertino in 2013. During this business trip, I felt It was so funny and interesting to cooperate with people from all over the world. So I started to learn more and try to gain a professional skill. Because I wish someday I could also have an opportunity to work abroad and write a new page in my career.  So, actually I prepared for it a long time ago and finally I had the chance and luckily made it come true.

What were the main factors that motivated you to accept the role and relocate?

First of all, the role is highly related to my previous working experience and I believe my professional skill is really helpful to the company.

Secondly, the working place is located at Waterloo in Canada. It is a safe and small town, no serious traffic problems and not so far from the big city. If you want, you could drive to Toronto in 1.5 hrs  to buy anything you need. So it is another reason to attract me to relocate.

The third factor is education. Because my family will come with me, the children’s education is an important factor to me. Canada is a country which really cares about the children whatever in education, food, safe or outdoor activities etc. So it really makes me relieved to move to Canada.

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What have been the biggest challenges in relocating?

The biggest challenge should be the credit record. In Canada, it is very important to have a good credit record. As you know this is our first time landing, we even don’t have a credit card here, don’t mention about credit record. So it is really hard for us to rent a house, lease a car or even to apply for a Costco membership at the beginning.

What advice would you give someone looking to make a move abroad?

I will say that you need to make a promise to yourself. You need to make an important decision which will make you proud and never regret it. If you are already determined to make a move abroad, l suggest that you learn everything you need, never stop and believe the day will come. Trust me, you need to believe the faith and you will someday make your faith come true!

How did your consultant and company help you with the move?

My consultant gave me a lot of advice on each step from the first interview till get onboard. At the same time, he also contacted the HR of the company to give me more support. The HR is very nice and good at communicating. The company helped me to apply for my work permit and told me how to open a bank account in advance, and gave me many resources I need about relocating. It really makes me relieved to get the help from my consultant and HR. I appreciate it so much!

If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to make a move overseas for your career, send us an email to Malinda Zerefos at 

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