Big Moves – From Romania to the Netherlands

Welcome to our Big Moves series, where we speak with tech experts who have recently made an international move for their work. We discuss their motivations, the benefits and challenges of moving abroad, and share their insights and advice. European Recruitment cover global markets for niche tech industries, and are able to source people globally for offshore moves with leading tech companies. Here we speak with Daniela Bajko, who moved from Romania to the Netherlands for a bid manager opportunity at a leading satellite imaging company.



How did the opportunity for you to move abroad for your career begin?

Since a few years back I’ve wanted to work and live abroad. So this year I set a target for myself to find something abroad by the end of the year. Lucky enough by mid of the year the right opportunity arrived.

What were the main factors that motivated you to accept the role and relocate?

My personal desire to move, combined with the right company who decided to hire me. It is the ideal position that I was looking for, in a company that excited me.


"It is the ideal position that I was looking for, in a company that excited me."


What have been the biggest challenges in relocating? 

I think for me personally, the biggest challenge was the psychological one. Leaving my home and starting in a new country within a new company. Other than that I was lucky enough that my current employer offered me support with the relocation.

How did your consultant and company help you with the move?

My employer supported me 100% by providing relocation services at my disposal and my consultant at European Recruitment, Travis Townsend, provided early on into the hiring process, all the needed links for expats as well as the human factor, checking in periodically with my state of mind.

What advice would you give someone looking to make a move abroad?

Just go for it. Stop thinking about the "what if's" and focus on visualising yourself there. It will happen at the right time.


If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to make a move overseas for your career, send us an email to Malinda Zerefos at


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