Candidate Testimonials

See what our candidates have to say about us! About 25% of the people we work with come to us through referrals – we think this means we’re making people happy


“Only 14 days after my first contact with Sion, I already had a job offer. My impression of Sion is that, besides being a very open and friendly person, he is professional, efficient, and extremely communicative. He closely accompanied every step of my application process and was very helpful and supportive. Especially the tips he gave me for the interview and the feedback of other applicants he shared with me were extremely valuable and helped me to optimally prepare myself for the interview. I can highly recommend Sion, and will always contact him again when I’m looking for a new job.” August, 2019. IT Consultant/Software Engineer


Olivia Horan:

” I originally came in contact from European Recruitment office via my LinkedIn profile. Immediately, I had the pleasure to interact with one highly professional office representative who had already well understood my professional profile role, career expectations and most importantly closest research affiliation. Needless to say that the level of communication, professional handling of my case from their part and sometimes daily phone/email interaction about the whole hiring process progress had been outstanding. Congratulations also to their great team as a whole, and to Mrs Olivia who personal handled my hiring case with high recruitment standards and above all deep human factor. Finally, to my own experience these guys have very good back-office and reliability. I would undoubtedly recommend!” February 2019. 5G Security Architect.



“Jenna worked with me on getting my current position and provided a very pleasant experience. At our first contact, she came to me with an opportunity that matched exactly as my desired next position. She was very responsive to questions and communications and I knew where I stood along the entire process. She also encouraged me to push appropriately for competitive compensation where I may have settled. A good recruiter experience and very professional.” February 2019, Algorithm Engineer.



“Connor is a very professional and friendly recruitment consultant. Right from the beginning, he made me feel at ease and guided me through the recruitment process. His tips on preparation for interviews helped a lot. He is very communicative and accessible. He kept me informed about developments and always offered his assistance. I am very grateful for his support.” March 2019. Communications and Signal Processing Engineer, Airrays. 

“Connor is an amazing resource and recruitment consultant. He guided me through the whole hiring process and made it fully transparent and clear – starting from the interviews and up until contract was signed. His insites and hints both on the interview process and how to approach the interviews in general were of a great help and made the whole experience nice and enjoyable. All uncertainties and confusions were addressed at a blazingly fast speed and did not cause any disturbances. It was a real pleasure to work with Connor and I’m very grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.”  January 2019. C++ Software Engineer, ESR Labs.



“I had the pleasure to work with Doron as a candidate for low-level/system software developer position. During interview there were lot of situations when it was required to operate in very tight schedule: travel arrangement, prioritize the interviews preparation etc. I was impressed by Doron’s ability to solve this issues and suggest suitable options both for me and a company. Doron did more then I was expecting from the recruiter, he gave me several very important advice from psychological or “soft skills” perspective and it definitely helped my to get the job I really wanted to.”  January, 2019. Linux Kernel Engineer.

“I had the pleasure to work with Doron. I strongly recommend him: he is precise, fast, supportive. If you are searching for an interesting position in the IT world, Doron is the right recruiter for you.” September, 2018. Software Developer Autonomous Driving. 



“Gabrielle helped me get a very interesting job in the area of image processing. I’m grateful for her clear and thorough communication throughout the job search process trough a range of opportunities. She only puts you forward for roles you are suitable for. Always in touch she helped me to be well prepared for the interviews and any other contact with the employers. She cares your progress even after securing the job position. I’d thoroughly recommend Gabrielle as everyone’s recruitment consultant!” October, 2018. Embedded Software Engineer.

“Gabrielle introduced me a new interesting position in Germany. She kept me well informed during the whole recruitment process and gave also good tips on how to prepare for interview and also after that, the practicalities regarding moving to Germany. I was positively surprised by her professional and careful way how she handled the whole recruitment process until I had started my job. It was a pleasure to work with Gabrielle.”  April, 2017. Senior RF Engineer.



“I’m very grateful to have recently worked with April and the team at European Recruitment throughout the recruitment process. I found April to be a pleasure to work with; engaging, prompt and consistently in reliable contact. The controlled and effective handling of communications and logistics that April and the ER staff provided allowed me to quickly and comfortably continue my career overseas with a valued employer. I could not recommend April and the team any more highly.” January 2018. Expert of Industrial Design, Huawei Paris

“Over all my years of experience, I’ve had many interactions with recruiters but I’ve never found anyone as dedicated as April. What I’ve seen with her, and European Recruitment, is that they are passionate about the roles and the clients they have, and when she targets a candidate, she will be in contact with the candidate until the end of the process, whatever the output is. 

 April got in contact with me for a role at Lifecake, a Canon Company. Since the beginning she gave me lots of information, helped me to prepare for the interview, gave me her advise and always passed me the feedback she was getting. I got the position, and at this point based on my previous experiences I would have expected April to vanish as usually recruiters do, but she didn’t. Instead of that, she kept calling me every 3 weeks to see how things were going and to see if there was anything she could help with, and she is still doing the same these days. I only can recommend April and I know that I will continue working with her for as long as I can.” October 2017. Java Developer, Lifecake.



“Stephen, is a highly effective recruiter and really made the transition from swapping from one firm to another smooth. He knew what he was doing and was a pleasure to work and deal with. I would highly recommend Stephen to other people that are looking for a job, he is your go to person!” November, 2017. Agile Product Owner & Project Manager, UTX

“Stephen assisted me during a career change process from Ceitec-SA to InsideSecure. He oriented me through every single stage of the hiring process. He is very talented with people and always has key pieces of advice that made the difference for my success.”April, 2017. Digital IC Design Engineer, Inside Secure.



One quality that distinguishes Cameron from most, if not all, of the recruitment consultants that I have ever interacted with is that he is passionate about technology. As a result, he has a clear understanding and an accurate global vision of the roles and values of technological bricks and skills. You don’t get meaningless keywords from him, just well-matching offers and enlightening advice. Additionally, he is pleasant and considerate, and seems to genuinely care about your application. I think that I would have had a much harder time finding my new position if it weren’t for him. November, 2017. PHD Student, Computer Vision.

“I have no words to describe how thankful I am for your support, kindness and professionalism throughout the process. You were always there for me and it was an incredible pleasure to deal with you. Cameron you are a very lovely person and I wish you all the best in your future career, if recruitment is what you want to pursue you are absolutely amazing at it, professional and human, what we need more of in this difficult world.” May, 2017. Account Manager, Guinness World Records.



“I came in touch with Chris during the period in which I was looking for a job. He responded very quickly when I asked for any openings through European Recruitment. Then I got through to my first and second interviews through Chris’s efforts in no time and eventually got hired. Chris’s highlights would be his Responsiveness, Being well aware of each company’s recruitment laws and very good communication throughout the recruitment process.” January, 2017. LabVIEW Developer, VI Technologies.



“After 2.5 years contracting with NXP Semiconductors through European Recruitment, I have just accepted a permanent position. During this time, Aga has been my accountant and direct contact with ERL. She assured a smooth service and responded quickly every time I contacted her. I’ve been very surprised with the service I’ve received and with the fact that she always went the extra mile to help with any queries or doubts. I would like to express my thanks to ERL and Aga in particular for the past 2.5 years. I clearly recommend them to anyone looking for a new job.” February, 2017.


See what our clients have to say about us!