What it’s like to work for European Recruitment… as a Trainee Research & Recruitment Consultant

  August 9, 2018 - 10:48 am   Work for us!

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Doron Mazor started working for European Recruitment in February this year. Here, he gives us an understanding of how he has found his introduction to European Recruitment.

Doron is based in our central Brighton office, joining Jenna Thompson and her team. Doron has applied himself incredibly well since starting and has shown serious dedication to his role. He has quickly built his network and has already gained a vast amount of knowledge in the computer vision, machine learning and semiconductor markets. To find out more about Doron’s specialist areas within these fields and how he can assist you, connect with him on Linkedin , give him a call on +44 (0)1273 957888, or drop him a note over email at dm@eu-recruit.com.


  • How long have you been working at European Recruitment for?

Just over 5 months!

  • What attracted you to accepting a position at European Recruitment?

I was looking for a challenging opportunity with good career progression and, speaking to the management team here, it felt like the right place for this!

  • How did you find the interview process?

Different! Very relaxed yet very professional. It felt like it was a good conversation about myself rather than an interrogation.

  • How did you find your induction into the business?

I started at the same time as a colleague so that was great timing. There was a lot of time invested in supporting me to understand the basics and I’m still receiving constant support and training, so all the information is always available.

  • Can you describe a typical day at ERL?

Early mornings, jumping straight into the action and contacting some awesome people for really exciting roles!

You normally work two or three different roles so it is as varied as you want it to be and there is a great diversity of skills required.

Lunch anywhere in town! Everything is so accessible (particularly pizza…)

  • What do you love about working at ERL?

There’s a great support system and training programme in place. Recruitment is very new for me, so my confidence has really built up gradually through support and training.

Additionally, the more you work you put in the more you get out of it; it really does translate into statistics and eventually income which is great!

  • What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

Learning the roles initially was the most challenging, but the challenging aspect changes as you progress, so there’s always a challenging aspect to the role which is great!

  • What’s the management style like?

Supportive. It varies from team to team between managers, but you have an experienced manager and team members. My Team Leader is great at giving immediate feedback on things to improve or anything going well, which works really well for me from a development point of view.

  • How are you rewarded for your work at European Recruitment?

Flexibility from managers when your personal life needs it, rewards for closing deals, early finishes, recognition and much more!

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