OS Software Senior Engineer

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OS Software Senior Engineer

Your Responsibilities:  

  • Under the key scenarios of Smart Mobile, Telecom, Autonomous Driving, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0, explore and analyze the cutting-edge technology of infrastructure software stack, undertake the selection, design, development and verification of key OS technologies and core modules, key algorithms, and key DFx capabilities.
  • Clarification of software requirements with customer and other relevant departments. Make decisions about the realization of the designed key technical solutions or stack, participate in team-work and provide guidance for the team to make the solutions a reality.
  • Participate in the development and patch contribution of the mainstream open source community, consolidate and enhance our position in the major OS communities;


  Our Requirements:


  • Deep technological understanding of mainstream OS solutions and key technologies. Have genuine ideas for the development of new technologies and be willing to transform these ideas into reality
  • Familiar with one or more key modules of the kernel (such as memory management, scheduling, file system, driver, network, etc.), master common debugging technology
  • At least be proficient in one of the programming language C / C + + / Python / Go, familiar with the mainstream CPU architecture X86 / ARM
  • Able to work in a diversified team. Possess cross-team and cross-domain leadership and excellent communication skills. Excel at team leadership and collaboration
  • The willingness and ability to travel are required


Keywords: OS Solutions / Linux / Kernel / Debugging / C/C++ / Python / Go / CPU Architecture / Smart Mobile / Telecom / Autonomous Driving / Internet of Things / Industry 4.0


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Categories: Semiconductor & Electronics

  Salary: Negotiable

  Location: Dresden, Germany

  Job type: Permanent, Full Time