Talks in Artificial Intelligence: Takeaways from David Wicks & Rhea Agg

  February 22, 2018 - 5:34 pm   Artificial Intelligence

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We’ve been attending conferences and lectures on varying topics related to Artificial Intelligence of late…

Our Owner and Managing Director, David Wicks, attended Linkedin’s CEO Roundtable on AI a few weeks back, and our HR & Marketing Manager, Rhea Agg, attended Dr Blay Whitby’s lecture on Life in the Age of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sussex. Here are their most noteworthy takeaways:


David Wicks, European Recruitment's Owner & Managing Director - takeaways on Linkedin's CEO roundtable on Artificial IntelligenceEmbrace the change – David Wicks, Owner & Managing Director

Using automation is tantamount to becoming even more of a “recruitment partner” for your clients. By automating some of the more administrative parts of the recruitment process (sifting through CVs, utilising chatbots to qualify candidates) we’ll get to focus more on the human bit; spending more time understanding the various nuances of a client’s hiring process, building rapport, and drilling down deep to understand how Line and HR work together to identify and attract talent. Here are some of the key products to watch out for and ones we’ll be investigating further:

  • Textio – an augmented writing platform to aid recruiters in generating highly successful job adverts. Our Textio score as a business ranks us at 39,480th in the Textio Index, lower than some of our competitors, but higher than some of them too. Apparently our tone is more masculine than 40% of the competition – there’s certainly work to do here!

Check it out at

  • Horsefly Analytics from JobsTheWord – markets itself as the fastest sourcing tool on the market, using predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence and candidate profiling to produce Big Data insights to inform the hiring process, including how to tailor your job advert, where to find candidates and the competition in the market place.

Check it out here


Rhea Agg, European Recruitment's HR & Marketing Manager - key takeaways from Dr Blay Whitby's lecture on Life in the Age of Artificial IntelligenceThe much-talked-about debate on artificial intelligence, automation and the fate of human jobs – Rhea Agg, HR & Marketing Manager

  • Analysis suggests that around 30% of UK jobs are at risk of becoming automated in the next 10 – 20 years
  • Dr Blay Whitby – a technology ethicist specialising in computer science, Artificial Intelligence and robotics – believes that illustrious think-tanks are spending too much time focusing on existential threats and not looking at employment issues
  • However, new technologies will probably generate some completely new jobs, but will require skilled, educated workers
  • Strict regulation will not end innovation. Artificial Intelligence remains unregulated and needs a framework in place to ensure its ethical safety. Should AI, for example, be anthropomorphised? Dr Blay Whitby thinks this is ethically wrong…
  • The overall impact of automation on employment remains unclear, but with educated, skilled workers expected to be in much higher paid roles, government intervention may be required to ensure additionally generated wealth is evenly distributed
  • It is pointless for one country to regulate alone. As a result, regulation on a global scale is necessary – Dr Blay Whitby suggests protecting vulnerable users, restriction of anthropomorphic design, and banning AI emotion


See more on our thoughts on this debate in one of our previous posts on Artificial Intelligence – existential threat or monumental hype?

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