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Why You Should Move to Portugal

With its mild climate, beautiful beaches and excellent cuisine attracting many holiday-goers year-round, Portugal also entices many foreign professionals, popularly coined ‘digital nomads’ to make a permanent move due to it’s Non-Habitual Resident Scheme.


What is the NHR Scheme?

The scheme, launched in 2009 in order to attract foreign investment and highly-skilled workers to the country, offers a flat tax rate of 20% to foreign individuals who become tax residents in Portugal, for a period of up to 10 years.


Who is eligible?

Individuals must be engaged in an eligible occupation, such as in engineering, architecture and art and they must live in Portugal more than 183 days a year. They must not have been a tax resident in Portugal in the previous five years.

The income they bring in can be from employment from a local or foreign company, or self-employment income, such as for freelancers.


Living In Portugal

Portugal had a high quality of life, and is very affordable to live compared to other European cities. In Lisbon, the capital, a centrally located two-bedroom apartment can cost from as low as 600 euros a month. Paris, in comparison, costs upward of 2500 euros a month.

Portugal is also known for its excellent healthcare system, low crime rate and thriving expat community.


After Tax Salary Table on the NHR Scheme


Interested in opportunities in Portugal or remote tech roles? Register your interest at the link here, or reach out to one of our consultants.

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