Aalborg, Denmark

Aalborg on a map looks desolate. Up in northern Denmark in a region called North Jutland, this waterfront city is the fourth largest in the country – but it packs a lot in. In reality, Aalborg is a classy, foodie city, that’s big on art, architecture and sustainable development.

Bispensgade and Algade are the main pedestrian shopping streets, running right through the city centre. Just off of Bispensgade is Gravensgade, a “Green” shopping street that is a testament to Aalborg’s commitment to sustainability. The shops on this street live to strict rules of sustainability producing high end eco-friendly clothing, jewellery, and other items, as well as café’s and food shops. On Wednesday and Saturday the square in the centre has a market selling fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese and breads, much of it organic.

Nearby is Jomfru Ane Gade which is home to endless restaurants, clubs, bars, and café’s. In the summertime the tables come outside so diners can enjoy the sun. In the evenings this is definitely the place to be. Also be sure to go to Behag din Smag for amazing coffee, on Maren Turisgade.

The Utzon Waterfront is another cultural area of Aalborg which includes the Utzon Center, Utzon Park and the Kunsten museum of modern art. The Utzon Center, designed by Jørn Utzon and his sin Kim, houses spatial exhibitions and large art pieces as well as hosting conferences and events. There is also a Café and Restaurant.

Nordkraft is a culture house that includes a theatre, music venue, independent cinema and sports centre. It was previously a power plant and is yet another example of Aalborg’s innovative design. The Kunsthal Nord gallery displays contemporary art during the day.

From April to November there are city bikes located at 20 stands across Aalborg that are free to use. A 20 DKK deposit is put into the lock to release it, then just return it to a stand when finished to get the deposit back.

Cost of living

  • Cappuccino: KR 42.00
  • Bottle of beer in a restaurant (0.33l): KR 35.00
  • Pack of cigarettes: KR 42.00
  • 12 Eggs: KR 31
  • Milk, 1 litre: 7
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) rental in centre per month: KR 8,094 (avg)
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) rental outside centre per month: KR 5,854 (avg)
  • Transport (monthly train ticket): KR 386

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