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As technology recruitment specialists, we understand that finding AI and machine learning professionals is tough, especially when the demand is incredibly high and there’s a distinct shortage of qualified talent.

Our skills and experience as a technology recruitment agency have enabled us to successfully hire instrumental AI and machine learning experts for top tech giants, SMEs and start-ups, demonstrating our ability to navigate a difficult market to secure the best people for our clients.

We’ve recently placed AI and machine learning professionals at the forefront of ground-breaking change and cutting-edge technology.

  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Deep Learning Software Engineer
  • Senior AI Algorithm Researcher
  • Senior Specialist Modem Algorithm Design Engineer
  • Advanced Autonomous Driving Research Scientist
  • Principal Scientist of Next Generation IP Protocol Technologies
  • Research and Development Director
  • 3D Computer Vision Developer
  • Robotics Expert C++ Autonomous Driving
  • Lead SLAM Engineer
  • Senior Automotive Solutions Architect
  • NLP Developer

The automotive industry faces imminent and huge change in the coming months and years. As a recruitment partner to world-leading tier 1 suppliers, OEMs and specialist start-ups, we’ve scaled teams to spearhead projects focusing on self-driving and electric vehicles, infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems. Our team of dedicated technology recruitment specialists pride themselves on finding suitable candidates for these innovative roles.

Our 100% focus on the technology industry ensures we’re always looking ahead, as well as serving today’s needs – a project that may have been years in the talking can jump into being within 24 hours – our technology recruitment team is ready to react quickly and deliver.

  • Automotive Radar Expert
  • Automotive Sensor Fusion Algorithm Engineer 
  • Research Engineer – Mapping & Localisation
  • Sensor Fusion Algorithm Expert
  • Design Engineer – Motion & Optical Sensing
  • Senior Software Engineer – Embedded Linux
  • Perception Engineer
  • Functional Safety Lead
  • Technical Project Leader AUTOSAR
  • Product Quality Manager
  • Senior RF Power Amplifier Engineer
  • Active Safety Systems Engineer – Autonomous Vehicles
  • Embedded Software Engineer – ALSA
  • Linux Yocto Developer
  • Bluetooth Stack Developer
  • Cloud Systems Engineer

Nanotechnology, Analog, Digital IC, NVM, DRAM, GaN – rest assured, we speak your language. We understand that manufacturers are continuously looking for new ways of achieving high-performing chips and are busy developing next-generation semiconductors, but often find themselves struggling to find the right talent to fill their vacancies. With other concerns such as rising R&D costs, and the pressure of keeping up with the demands of AI and 5G innovation, working closely with a dedicated technology recruitment agency like European Recruitment is often a necessity.

Our team of technology recruitment experts have been successfully placing highly skilled professionals into the semiconductor industry for 10 years, understanding what our clients need in order to face their challenges within these roles.

  • RFIC / Analog System Architect
  • IC Product Engineer
  • Senior Analog / Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer
  • Senior Digital IC Verification Engineer
  • C++ Software Developer
  • Functional Safety Lead
  • Technical Project Leader AUTOSAR
  • Product Quality Manager
  • Senior RF Power Amplifier Engineer
  • Active Safety Systems Engineer – Autonomous Vehicles
  • Embedded Software Engineer – ALSA
  • Linux Yocto Developer
  • Bluetooth Stack Developer
  • Cloud Systems Engineer

An abundance of rich data is somewhat obsolete without the correct talent in place to drive clean data and generate those all-important, useful insights gleaned from perceptive data analytics.

Recent surveys show that one of the key challenges that data professionals face is a lack of data science talent and lack of management support. At European Recruitment, we appreciate the importance of securing talented candidates, but not limiting our evaluations to just their experience and skillset. Our recruitment specialists take a holistic approach, sourcing experts with the right personality and culture fit to ensure you make hires that have longevity and the passion and attitudes necessary to effect change in your business.

  • Senior Date Engineer 
  • Principal Data Analyst
  • Cloud Data Architect
  • Data Management System Engineer
  • Data Research Engineer
  • Data Scientist – Anomaly Detection
  • Big Data Algorithm Expert
  • R&D Tools Data Technical Expert
  • Senior Computing Data & Memory Sub-System Algorithm Expert
  • Big Data Engineer

We’ve seen an unprecedented amount of change in the web technology industry in the last 10 years. Now, communicating with others and using the web for shopping and banking purposes – amongst many other uses – is a pervasive part of everyday life.

Of course, the needs and challenges of architectural design of web applications has naturally changed too, becoming more diverse, with the need for exceptional talent to meet the demands of the latest technology extremely important.

And that’s where we come in. With our global reach and local understanding of this particular network, we’re able to efficiently source the experts who will keep pace and excel in the complex and fast-moving world of web technologies.

  • DevOps Engineer 
  • UX Development Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer 
  • Java backend developer
  • Senior web developer (Java / JavaScript)
  • NoSQL Application Developer (XQuery / JavaScript)
  • Principal Windows Systems Architect
  • Python Software Developer
  • Agile Project Manager
  • Agile Tester
  • Algorithm Scientist – Cloud Computing
  • Semantic Web Research Engineer
  • Full Stack Web Developer – Silicon Validation
  • Frontend Web Engineer
  • Junior PHP Developer
  • Senior Mobile Developer (Android / iOS)
  • Ruby Expert

With over 20 years of wireless telecoms experience, we’re confident of our expertise in the Wireless and IoT industry and our team of technology recruitment specialists are best placed to source suitable candidates for any roles within this field. Our understanding enables us to assess candidates thoroughly, sourcing the right kind of talent for your requirements. 

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with industry client trends and know that the Wireless and IoT industry requires true transformational development to keep up with cloud software, 5G and IoT technologies. If you are looking to work alongside a specialist technology staffing firm who understands your industry, then we could offer the answers you have been searching for.

  • 3GPP Standards Experts – SAI
  • 5G RAN1 Standardisation Engineer
  • RF System Expert
  • LTE DSP Embedded Firmware Engineer
  • Bluetooth Stack Developer
  • Wifi Test Engineer
  • Wireless Layer 1 Software Engineer
  • NFC / WiFi Project Manager
  • Cellular Test Engineer
  • DSP Optimisation Engineer – C / C++
  • Senior Software Engineer LTE PHY
  • Java Backend Developer
  • Senior Protocol Stack Engineer
  • Linux & Virtualisation Software Development Engineer
  • NFC Software Architect
  • Senior Hardware System Architect
  • R&D Application Engineer

Operating predominantly within the areas of automotive, cloud, high performance computing, wireless and IoT, we have worked tirelessly to nurture and grow our global network of candidates in the embedded systems space.

Our team of technology recruitment specialists represent some of the world’s leading experts in the industry now, as well as those with huge futures ahead of them. We work to hire permanent and contract staff across the globe, placing them in innovative roles within the industry as embedded software continues to evolve.

  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Linux Platform Developer, Autonomous Driving
  • Kernel Security Engineer
  • Open Source Graphics Developer
  • Principal Engineer, Hypervisor
  • Hypervisor Test Lead Engineer
  • Low-level Driver Developer
  • Embedded Hypervisor Architect
  • Principal Virtualisation Engineer
  • Senior Software Development Manager, Virtualisation
  • Principal Windows Systems Architect
  • Android Build Expert
  • Microkernel Engineer
  • Technical Team Lead Operating Systems
  • Distributions Manager
  • GPU Architect

Hacking, ransomware, phishing, it’s all on the rise. Relentless attackers are finding more ways than ever before to threaten businesses, which means that cyber security defenders are facing more and more complicated problems to try and solve.

The shortage of talent that can tackle these ever-evolving issues is a real concern for our clients, and something of an industry crisis. We recognise the need for true experts, and our technology recruitment team continuously strive to source suitable talent who will expand and evolve your business, staying current with the demands of the connected world.

  • C / C++ Windows Kernel Security Expert
  • Cyber Security Software Test Automation
  • Security Analyst
  • Malware Security Researcher
  • Security Architect
  • Mobile Security Expert
  • Automotive Security Expert
  • Senior Threat Researcher
  • Virus Analyst
  • Embedded Software Engineer / Hacker
  • Security Evaluation Manager
  • Embedded Security Software Developer Java Card
  • Cryptography Security Analyst
  • Analog Design Engineer – Secure Microcontroller

From the Research & Development of software and hardware, through to Testing and Senior Appointments, our team of technology recruitment specialists source talented candidates to fill vacancies across the whole lifecycle of engineering, for Automation, Robotics and Defence fields.

If it’s system engineering concepts you’re looking to overcome, or finding engineers with an aptitude for keeping up with advancing technology, diagnostics, software and networks, we can help. Our approach ensures we navigate this competitive market to deliver such candidates through a smart, timely and cost efficient service.

  • Robotics Perception Engineer
  • Robotics Simulation Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer, Robotics
  • Electronics Engineer, Robotics
  • Materials Scientist
  • Materials Researcher
  • R&D Engineer Manager
  • Stress Engineer
  • Safety / Reliability Engineer
  • Systems / Requirements Engineer
  • Configuration Manager
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Embedded Test Automation Engineer

Enhancing human lives through information and communication technologies is at the heart of what we and our clients do. Life Science is set to be something of a revolution in this vein, from drug design, to preventing disease through early diagnosis, to enabling self-management through wearable monitoring devices.

However, the application of the data now available in clinical practice is often disjointed with many digital health apps / tools not exchanging data and development within the field falling behind. Helping our clients bring an important facet of technology into the 21st century is something we are incredibly proud to do.

  • Mobile Health Technology Observation
  • Senior Technical Ecosystem Manager – Sports Health
  • Embedded Development Engineer – Personal Healthcare
  • Senior Engineer Medical Devices
  • Senior Medical Robotics Engineer
  • Audio DSP, Technology, Concept and Feature Development
  • Technical Leader – Imaging
  • Senior Product Manager – Software Ecosystem Sports
  • DSP Software Engineer (Audio)
  • Senior RF Engineer
  • Spectral Sensing Applications Engineer
  • Medical Technology Senior Software Engineer
  • R&D Director
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Research Engineer – Data Structuring and Clustering

Gaming, AR / VR and Graphics technologies have a multitude of applications from workplace communication and education, to e-commerce and the treatment of diseases. However, the technologies themselves are in their relative infancy with numerous device limitations, such as weight, display quality, FOV and latency.

Our deep client engagement and the industry experience of our specialist recruitment team allows us to successfully pitch everything from niche senior roles to graduate opportunities in this sector. That’s why our guarantee to you, is that we’ll find the best talent on the market that will allow your business to overcome these challenges now and in the future.

  • Senior AR / VR Developer
  • VR / AR Research Scientist
  • Lead Architect AR
  • Virtual Platform Developer
  • iOS Augmented Reality Software Engineer
  • Graduate Research Engineer
  • Graduate Video and Vision Hardware Design Engineer
  • 3D Character and Animation Artist
  • Human Computer Interaction Engineer
  • Lead Graphics Engineer
  • Senior Graphics Game Developer
  • GPU Compiler Software Engineer
  • GPU Computer Vision Software Engineer
  • Graphics Platforms and Tools Software Engineer

The significant growth in the recent years and virtually limitless application possibilities for web3.0, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have made it one of the fastest growing and challenging jobs markets. In one year, the demand for blockchain specialists grew by 300%. 

Having extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of the industry, we serve the world’s leading crypto and blockchain giants, SMEs and start-ups, that revolutionise the way the world does business. By drawing on our global network of top-notch candidates and by learning your company’s culture, we always deliver and match a perfect candidate with a perfect team. 

    • Layer 1 Blockchain Developers 

    • Solutions Architects 

    • Cryptography Researchers / Engineers 

    • Smart Contract Developers 

    • Web Developers 

    • Product Managers 

    • Engineering Manager 

    • Executive Level Hires 

    • DevOps Engineers 

    • Business Development 

    • Marketing 

    • Data Science and Machine Learning 

    • Communications, Community Managers and PR 

    • Events Managers 

5G, cloud software, smartphones, smart cities, autonomous cars, healthcare devices – rapid technological advancement and the growth in demand for more advanced consumer electronics means the commercial sector is in desperate need of qualified talent in the research field.

Our team of technology recruitment experts pride themselves on supplying some of the finest minds the world has to offer to our clients, delivering those with PhD, Research Fellow and Professorship qualifications, who will apply their many years of research experience to the development of commercial products and services. We’re here to help out clients attain the qualified research experts who can take their company to the next level, and ensure they are the first to deliver in a competitive market.

  • Senior Researcher – Future Computing Systems
  • Distributed HPC / AI Technical Expert
  • Deep Learning Research Engineer, Maps Search / Routing /Traffic / ETA / Datamining
  • Senior Researcher – Future Chip Architecture
  • Advanced Autonomous Driving Research Scientist
  • Chief Technical Compiler & Language Engineer
  • Senior Researcher – Future High-Performance Computing
  • Computer Vision Researcher
  • 3D Reconstruction Research Scientist
  • Senior Researcher for 5G Core Network Architecture
  • Chief Scientist of Depth Sensing
  • Graph Database Researcher
  • Chief Expert of Vital Signs Detection
  • Senior Research Engineer – Platform Virtualisation
  • Datacentre Software Architect for Advanced Computing
  • Thermal Mechanical Simulation Expert
  • Hardware Cryptography Researcher
  • Senior Engineer of Map
  • Optical Algorithm Research Engineer
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Researcher

With years of success, our global reach and local understanding, we’ve placed many industry leading experts into senior appointments for global corporations, SMEs and start-ups.

We recognise that C-suite and Director level positions are the most influential representatives of any organisation, so it’s an extremely important hire to get right. As a specialist technology recruitment agency, we embed ourselves in our client’s culture so that we understand the best fit personalities – as well as the skills and experience – their roles require.

  • Executive Vice President
  • Director of R&D
  • Managing Director, EMEA
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Vice President Sales
  • Operations Director
  • Director of Software Engineering
  • Senior Director of Quality and Environment
  • Chief Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • International Sales and Business Development Manager
  • Chief IoT Network Researcher
  • Senior Engineering Director
  • Global Support Manager
  • Senior Technical Program Manager
  • Senior Manager Customer Engineering

The complexities of working in an accelerated technical environment, where product updates are continuous, means you are always in need of sales and marketing moguls who can keep pace, and live and breathe your products.

Finding individuals with the technical knowledge, but enough charisma to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more, is a lot easier said than done. But, based on a culture of honesty and collaboration with our clients, alongside our expertise as a technology recruitment agency, we have continuously proven that this is an area we can successfully support.

  • Vice President Sales
  • Director Sales & Business Development
  • Sales Manager – Automotive
  • International Sales and Business Development Manager
  • Big Data Sales Specialist
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Solution Expert – Sales
  • Senior Sales Executive
  • Technology Marketing Specialist
  • Technical Marketing Manager
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • Head of Marketing
  • Senior Marketing Analytics Executive
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Head of Business Line Marketing

FinTech is driving the evolution of the financial sector by using cutting-edge technology to improve services that have previously been considered cumbersome, archaic, and complex.

Our FinTech recruitment team pride themselves on helping our clients keep pace with the evolving technology. By sourcing new and experienced talent, our FinTech recruitment experts are able to place product managers, software engineers and senior tech experts seamlessly within your company. Our proven success is hiring instrumental experts to fill in-demand FinTech roles for established tech giants, SMEs, scale-ups and start-ups, demonstrates our ability to navigate a difficult market to secure the best candidates for our clients.

To find out more information about our FinTech recruitment process or to speak to a member of the team about current vacancies, please get in touch. 

European Recruitment has over 10 years’ experience in niche Cloud Technology recruitment on an international basis. We have successfully matched the best Cloud professionals on the market with the top Cloud Services Providers enabling our clients’ scalability and growth in one of the world’s fastest growing and most competitive technology sectors.

With a successful track record of placing candidates in a wide variety of Cloud Computing jobs, from technical Architecture Design positions to commercial Channel Sales functions, we are able to deliver on our clients’ specific Cloud Computing recruitment needs wherever they may be globally.

  • Chief Cloud & Technology Officer  
  • SVP Cloud Sales
  • VP of Cloud, Data & Platform Services
  • VP Cloud Operations
  • Principal Cloud Engineer 
  • Chief Cloud Architect
  • Senior Cloud Channel Sales Executive 
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Support Engineer
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Analyst
  • Cloud Security Data Architect
  • Cloud Data DevOps Consultant
  • Cyber Cloud Security Architect
  • Cloud Platform Engineer

European Recruitment has worked in executive search for ten years, partnering with venture capital, growth equity and larger-cap funds on direct investment hires, as well as their tech-orientated portfolio businesses looking to scale up following capital injection (Seed, Series A, B, onwards).

We have enabled businesses to penetrate new geographies, markets and verticals. This has allowed us to support growth at many notable businesses utilising cutting-edge technologies (AI, Machine Learning, Connected Devices/IoT) to disrupt and innovate.


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