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Machine Learning Specialist – Machine Learning / Transfer Learning  / Causal Inference / High Dimensional Time Series / Optimization Methods:

Here is your chance to join a world renowned company and their team of deidcated machine learning researchers. You could be working in Paris and specialising in reinforcement learning and control, time series forecasting, anomaly detection, structured data and optimization. 


There are two separate research positions open for this role, with these required specialialities:


1. Transfer learning and causal inference on high dimensional time series data.

2. Optimization methods for machine learning. 


If you meet the criteria for either of these roles, then please apply below…


What You Would be Doing:

  • Performing research on one of the two topics outlines above, and publishing your findings in top machine learning conferences.
  • Applying these results to real projects, providing high quality solutions for 4G and 5G telecom network operation and maintenance including user behaviour prediction, device failure prediction and fault diagnosis.


What You Need:

  • Ph.D. in relevant field.
  • High quality publications in machine learning related conferences or journals.
  • Strong programming skills – Python, C/C++, Java etc.
  • Position 1 – Good knowledge in transfer learning (especially domain adaptation, multi-task learning, semi-supervised learning, weak supervised learning and small sample learning), casusal inference and time series data analysis.
  • Position 2 – Good knowledge in first-order optimization methods for machine learning, especially for the training of deep learning architectures.


Key Words:

Machine Learning / Transfer Learning / Causal Inference / High Dimensional Time Series / Time Series / Optimization / Reinforcement Learning / Forecasting / Anomaly Detection / Structured Data / Python / C / C++ / Java / Publications / 4G / 5G / Telecomms / Research / Deep Learning / Architecture


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Categories: AI & Machine Learning

  Salary: Negotiable

  Location: Paris, France

  Job type: Permanent, Full Time