Bridging European and Asian Tech Talent Markets

Having Mandarin speaking recruitment consultants at European Recruitment provides an invaluable bridge for tech clients from across Asia in industries such as semiconductor, automotive, renewables and biotechnology who are looking to expand their business into European markets.

Eliminating language barriers is only one piece - possessing an understanding of global business cultures and talent markets is crucial to a successful hiring plan. Here we look at how European Recruitment helps companies navigate these cultural differences and form a successful global hiring strategy.


Sourcing Niche Technology skillsets in Europe 

Miley Wei, Senior Consultant at European Recruitment, says that the language requirements for her clients headquartered in Asia makes these niche roles even more complex to find the right candidates.

For one senior sales role she was hiring for a renewable energy client, for example, they were required to have an engineering background and sales experience while being able to communicate professionally in Mandarin, German and English.

‘It may take months to find the right candidate,” she says. “This is where our expertise comes in.”


How to attract a Global Talent Pool 

“Our clients are looking for on-the-ground direction on how to be competitive in local markets,” Ethan says. Local know-how on local labour regulations, benefits, and entitlements, as well as sentiments around compensation and benefits, is an important benefit an experienced recruiter can provide.

“We really do provide a full-service package for tech businesses looking to expand into Europe,” says Miley. She notes that while we are specialists in tech industries, they hire across the full team from management, sales, operations and research and development, making it a one-stop shop for Asian businesses looking to expand their teams in Europe.

We also help clients across Asia hire candidates from Europe to bring their international experience back to local headquarters in Singapore, China, and Taiwan.


Bringing International Candidates to Asia 

Navigating the complexities of niche technology industries globally can be a challenge for any company, particularly when it comes to recruiting across cultural and linguistic differences. European Recruitment is uniquely positioned to provide support for Asian companies seeking expansion into European Markets and vice versa. Having multilingual consultants is one piece to the puzzle alongside our specialised knowledge of these niche tech sectors.



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