Women in Tech – Melissa Fonseca Rodriguez


“My consultant was really helpful, keeping me motivated, supporting me when I needed advice with the process, being there so I could talk about the challenges I was facing and finding ways to solve them.”


For our latest piece we are combining the Women in Tech and Big Moves series. Within these series we speak to tech experts who recently started a new role and/ or have recently made an international move for their work. We speak about their motivations, the challenges during their career and moving abroad, and share their insight and tips.

European Recruitment operates globally focusing on niche tech industries, allowing us to hire globally and help people relocate if necessary to work for leading tech companies. In this episode, we speak with Melissa Fonseca Rodriguez, one of Felix’s candidates who moved from Costa Rica to Cambridge (UK) for a Verification Engineer opportunity at a leading semiconductor company.


What were your priorities when looking for a new role?

My top priority is to look for improvement. In my case this meant new, different, and exciting challenges in a place that has great opportunities to grow accordingly to the path that I want for my career.


Tell us about your career highlights – how you started and how you came to the position you’re in now.

In order to get my degree, I had to do a final project at university which I completed in a research laboratory. This is where I got more into the chip design and the verification world. When I finished, I knew I wanted to develop my career in that field, but the opportunities were limited as very few companies were hiring for those roles in my country. I was lucky enough that at the time I finished, I applied for a verification role and got the job. There I learnt a lot and grew as a professional, passing from a graduate student with lots to learn, up to a verification lead of a block. All the tools I learned there helped me get the role I applied for in the UK.


What can tech businesses do to attract and retain more female talent?

We are as capable as everyone therefore we just need to be treated the same and given the same opportunities without discrimination, bias, or privilege.


What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

I would say the impostor syndrome. I think there is no bigger limitation than the limits you put on yourself, and sometimes we don't even realise that. Before I was presented the opportunity to apply for the job abroad, several times I thought: "I don't know enough, I need to be better so I can apply". I didn't feel prepared or good enough. When I got the job, I proved to myself that I was ready, and that I was the only one that thought I was not. Sometimes you don't give yourself the credit you deserve and stop yourself from being your best just by doing so.


What advice would you give someone looking to develop their career in the field you work in?

You'll need to be prepared to keep learning every day. In this field we need to be updated constantly, so be aware and prepared for that.


How did the opportunity for you to move abroad for your career begin? (I.e.: what came first - the desire to move or the opportunity to do so?)

Since I was at university, I wanted to move abroad. When I started working, I had an ambition that one day I would do it, but I was reluctant to apply as I always felt I needed to know more. When Felix contacted me, I decided to give it a try. I thought if it didn't work, I would’ve known the areas I needed to learn more, and if it did, I was going to fulfil a dream of mine.


What were the main factors that motivated you to accept the role and relocate?

That both my personal and professional ambitions could be fulfilled by taking the role I was offered. Moving abroad to work for a company that offers a challenging and interesting role that fits with my career ambitions and personal goals is not an opportunity that presents all the time.


What have been the biggest challenges in relocating?

When you are relocating you may have to start a new life as you leave behind family, friends, colleagues, basically your comfort zone. When you realise all that and take the leap you have already faced the biggest challenge of all. Other than that, the process itself can be tedious and stressful but bearable. And economically it's better if you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances as it provides me some peace of mind.


What advice would you give someone looking to make a move abroad?

Look for the opportunity, be open, prepare yourself.


How did your consultant and European Recruitment help you with the move?

My consultant was really helpful, keeping me motivated, supporting me when I needed advice with the process, being there so I could talk about the challenges I was facing and finding ways to solve them. I really appreciate how thoughtful, kind and understanding he was.


If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to make a move overseas for your career, register your interest here.

Are you interested in participating in our big move or women in tech series? Get in touch at marketing@eu-recruit.com to find out the next steps.



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