Why You Should Move To Zurich

Zurich: A Hotspot for Tech Talent with a High Quality of Life

Zurich’s rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscape makes it an attractive city offering a high quality of life for its residents. While it is better known as a thriving centre for finance, it’s also a magnet for leading tech businesses and tech professionals.


Tech Industry Zurich

The city serves as a hub for global businesses and attracts multinational corporations from various tech sectors. Google has established its largest engineering office outside the U.S. in Zurich, while Roche, a leading multinational healthcare company, has a significant presence in the city.

Zurich offers a wealth of educational institutions renowned for their academic excellence, including ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, and Zurich University of Applied Sciences. These institutions provide cutting-edge education and research opportunities in various tech-related fields, ensuring a skilled and talented pool of professionals in fields like computer science, electrical engineering, and information technology.


Cost of Living in Zurich

While Zurich offers a remarkable quality of life, it does come with a higher cost compared to many other European cities. The estimated monthly costs for a single person in Zurich are around €1,758.0 (1,718.7Fr.), excluding rent. Housing costs, in particular, can be a significant expense, with rents in Zurich averaging 67% higher than in Paris.

The Swiss tax system can be very complicated, as the tax rates differ between regions. Recent legislation has made it less of a tax haven than it’s historically been reputed, though income taxes are still considered fairly moderate.


Tech Recruitment in Zurich

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