Client & Candidate Testimonials

 Client Testimonials


“It is a pleasure to write you a testimonial for the retained search you performed with regards to the 7 difficult placements we had to fill plus 1 placement outside the retainer.

You offered us flexibility in the payment process on top of an exceptional recruitment process handled from start to finish. We required exceptional technically talented candidates that you delivered as well as the right fit for us with regards to personality we require. You were able to quickly source multiple CVs and worked around our difficult location and exceptionally high standards. When issues occurred, as they always do, you dealt with them professionally and when more CVs were required you continued working without issue until all roles were delivered.

The roles filled were:

  • Senior SW Engineer – C++
  • LTE Protocol Stack x 3
  • Seniors SW Test Engineer x 2
  • Product Owner (Agile)
  • Embedded Developer
  • RF Integration
  • Wireless System Test (LTE)

Thanks again for your informative, helpful, efficient, quick and understanding way of working.”

HR Manager, a Verint company


“I have worked closely with various members of the team at European Recruitment for some time. Their ability to attract top talent goes without saying (and their success speaks for itself) but their ability to establish a cultural as well as a functional fit within NVIDIA is what sets them apart. They are strong ambassadors for our brand and, with relatively little guidance, they have developed an innate understanding of our core values. This enables them to evangelise without ever resorting to hyperbole. They also understand the need for levity in their profession and have always managed to balance a sense of professionalism with a sense of genuine fun and humour, which is essential in a role that, by necessity, is riddled with complex and protracted processes. This ethos is not an accident, it is an attitude which is cultivated in every member of the European Recruitment team.”

Staffing Manager, NVIDIA


“European Recruitment Ltd has come on board as a recruiter about 1 year ago and consistently offered a very high level of candidates. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a recruitment partner. They have an excellent understanding of our needs and as a result of that a very high CV to interview ratio. It´s a pleasure to work with them and they have been a great support in the recruitment process.”

Talent acquisition consultant, Nokia, Flexbase GmbH


“European Recruitment started to work with us recently and have already managed to prove that they are a supplier of superior quality. When given a contract to fill the extremely difficult role of Teradyne Test Developer, a role which other suppliers have had a very hard time finding suitable candidates for, European Recruitment managed to supply several excellent profiles within a day. They have managed to uphold this quality with every upcoming request since. I can recommend them without reservations.”

Key Account Manager, Semiconductor


“With professionalism and honesty, European Recruitment have been providing an exceptional service to Samsung, especially given the tough task of sourcing candidates for our HQ in South Korea. We are very pleased to have established a good relationship with European Recruitment and hope it will be a long standing one!”

Recruitment Specialist, Samsung Electronics


“In an unprecedented year of recruitment, I have been particularly impressed with the responsive service provided by David Wicks/ERL, we look for the highest calibre of candidate and they have managed to make volume placements with us – long may our association continue!”

HR/Recruitment Manager, Anritsu


“Ed and ERL have a very good understanding of the telecomms market and have provided an excellent service to Anritsu over a number of years, helping to fill some very difficult positions both in the UK and overseas.”

HR Director, Anritsu


“David and the teams he grew supplied over 40 placements with us and were always able to find the most difficult candidates that nobody else could. They have excellent standards in recruitment and the highly academic and technically gifted engineers we look for are genuinely hard to find. David is a exceptionally gifted recruiter and is also able to get the people he hires to a similar level. I would highly recommend David and his team to anyone looking to recruit.”

HR Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones


“David has not only found me my last 2 roles but also worked as a supplier in both cases. In finding me a role I found him by far the best in the embedded comms area, only getting in contact when there’s a real possibility of a match. As a supplier you can always know the candidates he supplies are top quality. I can wholeheartedly recommend David as the top recruiter in the field.”

Engineering Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones



See what our candidates have to say about us! About 25% of the people we work with come to us through referrals – we think this means we’re making people happy



“I came in touch with Chris during the period in which I was looking for a job. He responded very quickly when I asked for any openings through European Recruitment. Then I got through to my first and second interviews through Chris’s efforts in no time and eventually got hired. Chris’s highlights would be his Responsiveness, Being well aware of each company’s recruitment laws and very good communication throughout the recruitment process.” January, 2017. LabVIEW Developer, VI Technologies.

“Christopher is passionate about his job. He knows his role is important and cares about doing his job at high standards. He has the patience to reach his goals in the right timing. His hints and recommendations served me well, for them I am very thankful.” December, 2016. Research & Development Team Leader, Automotive company.

“Chris is a very enthusiastic professional! It was a pleasure to work with him. He quickly answered all my questions during my job search process and also gave me many tips to facilitate my relocation. I strongly recommend his work.” August, 2016. Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Developer, a semiconductor research institute.


“I have been working with ERL for about a year. I would recommend European Recruitment to anyone seeking to a good contract in Europe. Actually, I already did 🙂 They are very helpful and very nice people (I am referring here mostly to my direct Recruiter – Oliver Ward). In my opinion two things matter in this kind of business: good money management and good communication. They have it all. I would not mind staying with them longer.” March, 2012. System Debugger, a global wireless leader.

“It was a great pleasure to work together with Oliver during the recruitment process. He provided me all the necessary information, and was a great interface between me and the employer. During all the recruitment process (phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, relocation), I want to emphasise two aspects. One is the friendly relation that was developed. During our phone conversations I never felt talking to a recruiter, but to a truly concerned person that is committed to finding the best compromise to all interested parties (employee, employer and recruiter). Secondly, I also want to remark on the great concern and availability shown after the recruitment process. In my personal case, after I got the new position, it was necessary for a complete relocation to a different country and during that process Oliver always showed a great availability to help. I conclude with a great thanks to him.” March, 2012. Analogue RF IC Design Engineer.

“I got the reference to Oliver Ward from European Recruitment from my engineer friend. All along the recruitment process (and afterwards) Oliver was very professional, supportive and positive. The communication was fast and efficient and the process was quick and smooth. I do recommend European Recruitment and Oliver’s services and look forward to working with them again in the future.” March, 2012. Senior Engineer, TES.


“I had an opportunity to be recruited by Simon and I would like to recommend him as a professional recruiter in the IT area. Simon is a very well organised and people oriented person who takes care and helps with every detail of the job change procedure with a deep knowledge about recruitment process. Simon helped me a lot in early stages of the process and even after I became hired he was still interested with and really engaged in this topic. I was really impressed with his positive attitude and for sure will recommend Simon to some of my friends. I wish him a lot of success in his daily job.” April, 2015. License Manager, a global IT provider.

“My interaction with Simon was during my recent job search. He is definitely a highly professional recruiter that takes care and helps with every detail of the job change procedure. From interview to relocation and settling in he made sure I felt looked after at every point along the way. I have already recommended him to some of my friends. I wish him all the best and look forward to any future interaction we might have.” October, 2013. Product Assurance Lead, Anite.

“Simon was my recruiter for my interview at Microsoft. He was very helpful throughout all the stages, and proved to be extremely reliable and professional in organising the process.” January, 2013. SDET, Microsoft.


“From the start Jenna made sure that everything was on the right tracks. She was a great help in securing the right job for me. I am very glad that I had the chance to work with Jenna. Highly recommended.” December, 2016. RF Engineer, Microsoft.

“I recommend Jenna because she is different from the others. The very thing that makes her different is her big and sincere heart for helping people. I also recommend her because of what I see in her…sincere, persevering, efficient, excellent, reliable, trustworthy, friendly and approachable. I was so blessed working with her and I appreciate everything that she has done for me. I believe that she will be able to help a lot of people if people will allow her to help them.” August, 2016. Interconnect Development Expert, Texas Instruments.

“Jenna’s very personable, encouraging and is more than willing to take time out to help prepare, and clearly knows her market and areas of specialisation very well. Plainly and simply, she’s just excellent to deal with in every way – and incredibly effective and efficient. Even since the new job that she helped secure for me, she has followed up a number of times by phone and email, to ensure that all is well.” August, 2015. Senior Software Engineer, a medical devices company.


“Gabrielle helped me to make my last job change. I was looking for a change and she showed matching offers in several different fields and several countries. I chose between them and made a great job hop to Cyprus. Gabrielle helped me along the process with any doubt I had. This was the first time for me moving to another country and thanks to her help everything went smoothly. She foresaw and solved problems before they appeared; problems that were new to me and that I didn´t see before. I am very grateful of Gabrielle´s help and would recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.” November, 2016. C++ Developer, UTX technologies.

“I’d strongly recommend working with Gabrielle to all those seeking a successful career move. She was able to identify skillset/job synergies beyond obvious patterns, which opened some opportunities for me that I´d never have thought of by myself. Gabrielle is always willing to help, and keeps a very close communication at all times providing as much background and feedback as possible, which is very helpful when dealing with new company cultures.” August, 2016. VP Cloud Services, Huawei Technologies.

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Gabrielle. She was a key person for me to get the Technology Marketing / Business Development Manager position at Imagination Technologies. Immediately after I contacted her, she proposed very interesting and relevant positions which I applied for. She helped by reviewing the applications, facilitating the communication, and, very importantly, keeping the momentum with the company throughout the long recruiting process. She seemed also very knowledgeable about the industry and was very encouraging.” April, 2016. Technology Marketing Manager, Imagination Technologies.


“Leanne is an enthusiastic, energetic person. At the same time she is very patient and helpful on each step of the recruitment process. She is driven by passion for her duties and a deep understanding of the complex embedded development area of the IT market. This allowed her to quickly find a new, interesting and challenging position of Kernel Developer for me. Thanks to Leanne’s skills and engagement, the whole recruitment process ran smoothly. She continuously ensures that everything goes the same, great way before and after sealing the deal. Leanne possesses a perfect mix of skills, which is a guaranteed long-term win-win situation for all who work with her. Thank you Leanne!” January, 2017. Embedded Software Engineer, NXP Semiconductors.


“Edward was giving warm and timing help on supplying and arranging my interview and enrolling process with Anritsu. He was very efficient and effective in communicating with Anritsu and me, and also gave helpful and persuasive advice in the case.” March, 2011. Senior Software Engineer, Anritsu.


“David found me a job in 2005. He understood very well my personal and professional situation, and proposed me very quickly the right job in the right country. I would highly recommend David in his area of expertise, to people who are looking for a job, and to companies who are looking for the perfect candidate!” Project Manager, TTPCom.

“David helped me find a perfect position. He is very approachable and transparent. I never found him create a false impression and he always gave me an option to choose rather than pushing something of his interest. Despite my specific requirements David offered me plenty of options. He has right attitude for his job and I highly recommend him.” Protocol Stack Expert, Rohde & Schwarz.

“David Wicks is the best consultant I interacted with. He has all the attributes to do his job perfectly. He understands your profile, concerns and needs. He gets you right job roles. He is knowledgeable and gives proper guidance. Also, he is very approachable and encouraging. The important quality of his is that he is very reliable (never goes back on his words or creates false impressions about the role/anything at any stage) and hence trustworthy. He intimates the events promptly and doesn’t push any of his favourite profiles on you, instead allows you to choose. Another important quality of him is that he never puts you in difficult situation, instead always make things comfortable for you. In one line, he has all (+more) that you expect from an agent. I was lucky to get his contact. Thanks a lot David. You are just a wonderful person.” Senior SW Engineer, Anritsu.

“David is a very professional and friendly. He has strong expertise in the recruitment field. He takes excellent care of his client, doing his very best to understand your specific needs and finding the right position. With him you will be in good hands.” Programme Manager, Texas Instruments.

“I asked David to help me find a new position. Within a short space of time, he secured some face to face interviews with top companies in my chosen segment. I have now found a great new job which I would not have found without David’s assistance. He’s very well connected, an excellent communicator, and very good to deal with. If you are looking for a new job I thoroughly recommend him as a recruitment professional.” Senior Manager, Detica.

“David is an excellent person to deal with. David has helped me achieve the role I desired, the country I wanted. Highly recommended.” Technical Leader, RIM.