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5 reasons to catch up with your tech recruiter

You've carried out a recruiter review and made your choice, and the recruiter has helped you land the perfect role. Job done, right? Or is it?

A recruiter has a specific role, and that is to help you seek out and ultimately secure exactly the kind of position you were looking for. Part of their role is to make that process easier and less stressful, and if that proves to be the case, you know you've found yourself a good recruiter. However, once you're happy in your new job and have no plans to make a move any time soon, it might seem as if there's no reason to stay in contact with the people who helped you. But maintaining your relationship with a recruiter can be beneficial in a number of ways that may not at first seem obvious. Below we offer five excellent reasons to catch up with your tech recruiter.

5 reasons to stay in touch with your recruiter

Stay ahead of the game

You may well have found what you consider to be the ideal position for you. You enjoy the work, you like the company and it's only an hour away on the train. But tech recruitment is a huge arena, and there is always more than one perfect job. If you came across something better, with a higher salary, closer to home and a great company, wouldn't you be interested? The answer is probably yes; the problem is, how would you hear about it? Maintaining a strong association between you and your recruiter is the best and fastest way to learn about any new opportunities that may come up. That way you can stay ahead of the game, and give yourself time to assess and evaluate potential new challenges as they arise.recruitment agency

Get career advice

Even when happy in their current role, few people are content to simply stand still. Most of us are keen to see our careers advance and develop, and your recruiter is undoubtedly the best person to assist with that. A recruiter will certainly be pleased to learn of your success, but will be only too happy to help you take the next step in advancing your career. Their knowledge and experience of the current recruitment market will be an invaluable resource when planning your next move. The best way to make use of that resource is to nurture your relationship.

Make new connections

Networking is a crucial factor in terms of progressing your career within a given industry. Making new connections outside the company you work for is key in promoting awareness of your name and reputation. What isn't so easy is finding those connections, and a strong relationship between you and your recruiter could prove to be a major advantage. Seminars and events to promote networking are part of what recruiters do, and staying close to them means being a step closer to their contacts, which could open up a wealth of new opportunities.

Take the stress out of hiring

Roles develop and evolve with time, and the relationship you have built up with a recruiter should evolve in tandem with that. As your career progresses, either with the same company or in a new role, you may find your position has changed from candidate to recruiter. Having a pre-existing association with a trusted recruiter will be of enormous benefit when it comes to planning your own strategy for recruitment. If you had a positive experience with your recruiter you already know they are good at what they do, and their experience and knowledge could prove priceless. A good contact within the industry will make your search for the right candidates far easier and less stressful.

Get help when you need it

Building up a friendly relationship with a recruiter you know and trust will ultimately prove to be a positive career decision. Even if you're happy with your current position, your outlook may change. There are some common signs to watch out for which signal that it may be time to look for a new challenge. You may feel as if you're no longer learning new skills, and against your better judgment are spending more and more time checking social media. If Monday mornings are seeming gloomier, and much of your conversation consists of complaining about work, it could be time to move on. If you've neglected that relationship with your original recruiter, you're going to have to go back and remind them who you are, or start again from scratch. Both take time and effort - so keep the door open, work on that relationship, and most importantly, keep in touch with your tech recruiter.

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