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Gaming, AR / VR and Graphics technologies have a multitude of applications from workplace communication and education, to e-commerce and the treatment of diseases. The sheer possibilities for the AR/ VR and graphics industry are limitless and ever-growing, meaning that more and more Gaming and AR / VR jobs are being created, which is why there is a great need for quality recruitment services. 

However, the technologies themselves are in their relative infancy with numerous device limitations, such as weight, display quality, FOV and latency. As a result, Gaming and AR / VR recruitment involves carefully matching our clients and candidates with the most suitable option. This can only be achieved through an in-depth understanding of expectations and essential requirements from both parties, which is why we place great importance on communication. Our deep client engagement and the experience and talent within our team allows us to successfully pitch everything from niche senior roles to graduate opportunities in this sector. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to source the best talent for Gaming, AR / VR and Graphic technology jobs we are presented with. That’s why our guarantee to you, is that we’ll find the best talent on the market to fill your Gaming and AR / VR jobs, allowing your business to overcome the challenges in the industries, both now and in the future.

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  • Senior AR / VR Developer
  • VR / AR Research Scientist
  • Lead Architect AR
  • Virtual Platform Developer
  • iOS Augmented Reality Software Engineer
  • Graduate Research Engineer
  • Graduate Video and Vision Hardware Design Engineer
  • 3D Character and Animation Artist
  • Human Computer Interaction Engineer
  • Lead Graphics Engineer
  • Senior Graphics Game Developer
  • GPU Compiler Software Engineer
  • GPU Computer Vision Software Engineer
  • Graphics Platforms and Tools Software Engineer
“European Recruitment are strong ambassadors for our brand and, with relatively little guidance, they have developed an innate understanding of our core values. This ethos is not an accident, it is an attitude which is cultivated in every member of the European Recruitment team.”
European Recruitment Manager, NVIDIA

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