data science

Technical & Managerial, through to HR, Sales & Marketing.

An abundance of rich data is somewhat obsolete without the correct talent in place to drive clean data and generate those all-important, useful insights gleaned from perceptive data analytics.

Recent surveys show that one of the key challenges that data professionals face is a lack of data science talent and lack of management support. At European Recruitment we appreciate the importance of securing talented candidates, but not limiting our evaluations to just their experience and skillset. We take a holistic approach, also sourcing experts with the right personality and culture fit to ensure you make hires that have longevity and the passion and attitudes necessary to effect change in your business. 

If you would like to find out how we can support you with hiring Data Science experts, or if you’d like to discuss our current opportunities, then contact us at or call us on +44 (0)1273 957 888.

  • Senior Date Engineer 
  • Principal Data Analyst
  • Cloud Data Architect
  • Data Management System Engineer
  • Data Research Engineer
  • Data Scientist – Anomaly Detection
  • Big Data Algorithm Expert
  • R&D Tools Data Technical Expert
  • Senior Computing Data & Memory Sub-System Algorithm Expert
  • Big Data Engineer
“Internally, my colleagues and I have recently been singing European Recruitment’s praises. Out of all of the suppliers that we are working with European Recruitment are by far providing us with the best calibre candidates and a fantastic service to go with it. So thank you so much for your ongoing support European Recruitment, it really means a lot."
HR Manager, Technical Director & Global Director, MediaTek