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Hacking, ransomware, phishing, it’s all on the rise. Relentless attackers are finding more ways to threaten businesses, such that cyber security defenders are facing more and more complicated problems to try and solve.

The shortage of talent that can tackle these ever-evolving issues is a real concern for our clients, and something of an industry crisis. We recognise the need for true experts, and find talent who will expand and evolve your business, staying current with the demands of the connected world.

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  • C / C++ Windows Kernel Security Expert
  • Cyber Security Software Test Automation
  • Security Analyst
  • Malware Security Researcher
  • Security Architect
  • Mobile Security Expert
  • Automotive Security Expert
  • Senior Threat Researcher
  • Virus Analyst
  • Embedded Software Engineer / Hacker
  • Security Evaluation Manager
  • Embedded Security Software Developer Java Card
  • Cryptography Security Analyst
  • Analog Design Engineer – Secure Microcontroller
“European Recruitment has become a strong partner in supporting us in hiring for our tech positions especially in the area of qualified Threat Researchers. We have an open, transparent and -what is most important- honest communication which we appreciate a lot. Looking forward to your support in the future!”
HR Recruiter, Avira