It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

  March 9, 2018 - 4:38 pm   Tips for Job Seekers | Work for us!

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As it’s National Apprenticeship Week, here we talk to our Apprentice in Business Administration, Marley Birch.

Marley is fast approaching the end of her apprenticeship, finishing at the end of this month! It’s gone incredibly fast, and we don’t really know what we’d do without her!



  • When did you start working at European Recruitment?

I started my apprenticeship on 28th March 2017

  • What does your average day look like at European Recruitment?

Every morning I set up our healthy snacks table for the office and make sure the office is a tidy and safe, working environment for our staff. I then work through my emails, send out any CV’s we’ve received from our website to all Consultants and work on reporting on different job boards and databases we use

  • What do you like most about your job?

I like that I always have a variety of tasks to do and that I’m learning something new all the time. It’s also a really nice atmosphere to be in when working, because, as well as getting on with each other and being able to talk, we can still focus and get on with our work

  • Do you think your apprenticeship has been a valuable experience?

Yes, I have learnt a lot through the different pieces of work that I have to complete and I’ve gained skills I will be able to use going forward in my career

  • What has your apprenticeship taught you over the last year?

My apprenticeship has taught me how to handle different situations and different tasks based on data and producing documents. This has helped when I have needed to complete audits and reports that include lots of information and data

  • Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship?

Yes, I think doing an apprenticeship helps with learning new skills and you get a lot of information based on the type of work you are doing

  • What advice would you give to someone starting an apprenticeship now?

Make sure you’re focusing on both your work and getting the pieces of coursework done for your apprenticeship throughout your working week, as the coursework for your apprenticeship may help with something you are doing at work


With Marley approaching the end of her apprenticeship and our company growing fast, we’ve just hired a new apprentice this week to join our team. We’ll be welcoming our new team member in the coming weeks, so watch out for further updates!

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