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Why You Should Move to Munich

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Munich is known for much more than its famous Oktoberfest celebration, beer and weisswurst. It’s a city offering high quality of life and vibrant cultural scene, with excellent public services, education, and healthcare.


Cost of Living in Munich

While it’s one of the most expensive cities in Europe, it offers a wealth of career opportunities, particularly those working in tech industries, with established multinationals like BMW, Siemens and Allianz headquartered there as well as many tech start-ups.

The average cost to rent a two-bedroom apartment in a central location in Munich is around 1,500 euros a month, which is slightly less than Paris in comparison but more expensive than other European cities like Amsterdam and Brussels. The average cost of a cup of coffee is around 3.50 euros.

A single person can expect to take home roughly 60-65% of their gross income, considering income tax, solidarity surcharge and social security contributions. See the below table to compare salaries and estimated net take-home amount.




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