Contingency Search

We’re confident that we can fill your roles for you due to the many years of experience we share in contingency search recruitment. We approach contingency search services with efficiency, detailed knowledge of your requirements, tools to find the best passive candidates, and a unique database of existing candidates.

If you do not require the full services we offer for an Executive Search, then contingency could be the perfect solution to fit the hiring requirements for your business. Unlike most agencies that send a huge number of CVs for you to sift through, we send a small number of highly targeted candidates that meet your specific needs. We do our utmost to ensure the people we introduce match your requirements. We stay involved throughout the recruitment process to ensure that clients and candidates are well aligned for a smooth search-to-hire process.

We still offer an exceptional, high-calibre service when working on a contingency search with your business, and aim to work through the following process alongside you:

  • Qualify a candidate brief
  • Identify suitable candidates in the market place
  • Engage, interview and qualify candidates for the position
  • Deliver candidates
  • Support candidates through the interview process
  • Manage offer and acceptance

If you are looking for a contingency search recruitment agency that specialises in your technologies, please contact us at for a confidential conversation about your business hiring needs.

We also offer Contract Recruitment, Executive Search and RPO solutions to ensure we can offer all the services you may need to fulfill your hiring strategy.